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                    Undergraduate Programs

                    Program taught in Chinese (55)

                    Administrative Management

                    Information and Computing Science

                    Applied Chemistry

                    Information Engineering

                    Applied Physics

                    Information Management and Information Systems


                    Information Security

                    Biomedical Engineering

                    Intelligence Science and Technology


                    Internet of Things

                    Communications Engineering


                    Cyber Engineering

                    Test and Measurement Technology and Instruments

                    Computer Science and Technology

                    Labor and Social Security

                    Detection Guidance and Control



                    Material Science and Engineering

                    Educational Technology

                    Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

                    Electrical Engineering and Automation

                    Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

                    Electromagnetic Field and Radio Technique


                    Electronic Information Science and Technology

                    Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering

                    Electronic Packaging Technology

                    Network Engineering

                    Electronic Science and Technology

                    Network Engineering

                    Electronics Information Engineering

                    Optical Information Science and Technology


                    Project Management


                    Radio-wave Propagation and Antenna

                    Human Resources Management

                    Recording Art

                    IC Design and Integrated System

                    Remote Sensing Science and Technology

                    Ideological and Political Education

                    Software Engineering

                    Industrial and Business Management(BA)

                    Space Information Science and Digital Technology

                    Industrial and Business Management(BS)


                    Industrial Design

                    Technology of Information Countermeasure

                    International Chinese Education


                    Industrial Engineering

                    Program taught in English

                    ?Electrical and Information Engineering

                    SchoolSchool of Electronic Engineering

                    Degree: Bachelor ofEngineering

                    Major courses in

                    Circuit and Systems:Foundation of Circuit Analysis, Foundation of Analog Circuit, Digital Circuits and Logic Design.

                    Signal and Information Processing:Signal and System, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Radar Principle.

                    Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems:Management Information System and Multimedia Technology, Software Technique Foundation, Principle of Automatic Control.

                    The characteristic coursesof this specialty include some major basic courses such as Digital Circuits and Logic Design, Foundation of Circuit Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Principle of Automatic Control, etc., and some specialized courses such as Radar Principle and Digital Image Processing.

                    ?Communication Engineering

                    School: School of Telecommunications Engineering

                    Degree: Bachelor ofEngineering

                    Major Courses

                    Foundation of Circuit Analysis, Signal and Systems, Foundation of Analog Circuit, Digital Circuits and Logic Design, High-Frequency Electronic Circuit,Informatics & Coding, Digital Signal Processing Computer,Wireless Communication, Computer Communication Network, Principles of Communications

                    Microcomputer Principle and System Design

                    ?Computer Science and Technology

                    School: School of Computer Science and Technology

                    Degree: Bachelor ofEngineering

                    Major Courses in

                    Computer Software:Basic of Program Designing, Data Structure and Algorithm Design, Operating System, Principles of Database, Software Engineering

                    Computer System and Structure:Operating System, Computer Architecture, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Networks

                    The characteristic coursesof this specialty include: Data Structure and Algorithm Design, Operating System, Principles of Database, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks.

                    ?Business Administration

                    School: School of Economics and Management

                    Degree: Bachelor of Management

                    Major Courses

                    Fundamentals to Management Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Monetary and Banking, Marketing, Business Data Analysis and Mining, Management Information System, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Innovation Management, E-marketing, Organization Behavior, Cross-cultural Management, Management Communication

                    ?Mechanical Engineering

                    School: School of Mechano-Electronic Engineering

                    Degree: Bachelor ofEngineering

                    Foundational Courses

                    AdvancedMathematics, Probability Theory &MathematicalStatistics, College Physics, Experiment of College Physics, Project Management, Linear Algebra, Field Theory & Complex Variables Functions, Introduction to Computers.

                    Major Courses

                    Computer Graphics Principle of Mechanics, Basis of Circuit Analysis, Theoretical Mechanics, C Language Programming, Digital Circuits and Logic Design, Basic Analog Electronics Circuitry, Experiment in Electronic Circuit, Mechanics of Materials, Principle of Microcomputer & System Design, Principle of Automatic Control, Fundamental of Mechanical Manufacture & Common Difference, Fluid Mechanics.

                    Characteristic Courses

                    Design of Electromagnetic Compatibility, Robotics, Thermal Control Technology of Electronic Equipment, Electron-Equipment Reliability, Mechanical Designing, Sensing and Measurement Technique

                    ?Intelligent Science and Technology

                    School: School of Artificial Intelligent

                    Degree: Bachelor ofEngineering

                    Major Courses

                    Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Optimization Theory and Methods, Machine Learning, Image Understanding and Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Data Mining


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